Volodymyr Okipniuk, Dmytro Kozlov

Tomos-1930, or How “Ukrainian Nuncio” in Istanbul fought for autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Each time imperial pressure on Ukraine got eased or formation of an independent Ukrainian state got initiated, autocephaly of the Church became one of fundamental issues. During the Ukrainian revolution, when Ukraine got independence, the issue had not been resolved. However, even upon failure of attempts at state independence, the UNR Government-in-exile kept struggling to resolve the autocephaly issue.

Volodumyr Mursky — the UNR Government-in-exile representative in Istanbul

In 1932, with assistance from Volodymyr Mursky, the Agreement on Establishment of the Union State of Ukraine and Crimea was drafted and agreed upon by the UNR Government. The Agreement provided for mutual recognition of independence of the UNR and the Crimean People’s Republic and establishment of the common Union State upon defeat of the Bolshevik regime.